Maxter Cladding Concept

Maxter Cladding Concept (MCC)
- an innovative ventilated facade system

MAXTER CLADDING CONCEPT (MCC) is an innovative ventilated facade system which helps to achieve a modern look and improved comfort of  every construction.  MCC allows you to modify the character of your building and it presents different types of technical solutions for panel positioning - vertical or horizontal. Additionally it is offered in varieties of colours, patterns and textrues, which can be "mixed and matched" as per your choice.
Despite the personal choice we are offering you, upon request, our architects can perform colour and textures optimizations for you. To visualize better your desires we will present a 3D model of your building where additional changes can be performed so that final vision is cofirmed.

Research and development

The brand MCC (MAXTER Cladding Concept) is owned by Maxter S.O.P. Ltd., which has more than 15 years of experience in engineering and metal working.
The technology of MCC was created by our Department for Research and Technical Development, where all international practices and standarts were taken into account for engineering, production and assembly of those types of facade elements.
МСС is the most up to date solution for modernising the outlook of any building. Facade panels are produced from steel coils with hot dip galvanization and additional organic coating (PPG). The colours in which MCC is produced can be chosen from the basic RAL pallette or in textures and patterns which are ordered for the specific project.
Aside from the esthetic looks that MCC ventilated facade provides, it also contributes to the high quality insulation and Eco life of each building. The subsystem structures allow installation of insulation, which improve exeptionally the energy efficiency of the buildings. MCC can be installed with the use of EPS, XPS, mineral wool and/or rock wool with up to 200mm thickness.


MCC has an extremely long life span and sustains colors, patterns and shape regardless of weather conditions
The specifically selected materials with fire resistance class A1, keep to a minimum the possibility of alkaline and hydrochloric acid roccosion.
MCC's facade elements are engineered to withstand the maximum wind loads in Bulgaria and on the Balkans

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МСС is a ventilated facade system, which creates hollow space between the insulation and the cladding. According to the European academic community, these types of facades are the most effective systems to deal with problems associated with condensation and thermal bridges.


Assembling is possible during high summer or low winter teperatures

galvanized and organic coating of the steel – guarantees MCC's long life and perfect vision

Hydrophobic water vapor permeable layer – for dry and secure insulation of the building

Additional sound-insulation

Fire proof MCC's elements resistance – class A1

Full recyclability of all MCC components

Easy and quick assembling


  • Clean installation process where ther is no need for further cleaning of plasters and paints.
  • Simple maintenance and cleanliness of the facade
  • Impact damage - easy and quick correctio only with replacement of bended/damaged panels.
  • Price advantage, but without compromising the quality of the product when compared to ventilated facades which have elements from granite, wood, aluminum or stainless steel.